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As Artas Packaging which is located in Turkey, we are proud to produce both Tube Boxes and Luxury Custom Gift Boxes. Our Tube Boxes, whose market share is growing rapidly with each passing day, is unrivaled at the top in price / quality balance with the durability and ergonomics it offers. When it comes to impressive, exclusive and almost unlimited design options, we offer you the unique experience of our luxury custom gift boxes. We can produce a wide range of packaging solutions regardless of segment and sector. Moreover, we do all productions with using paper and/or cardboard. We are here for a healthier and more sustainable future away from plastic!

Artaş Hakkımızda
Artaş Hakkımızda


We are looking for ways to do our job better every day with an experienced and dynamic team in our production facility of 5,000 m2, 3,000 m2 of which is closed.

With the "Vertical Integration" model, we have a management approach that believes in the efficiency of growth to the end. As Artaş Packing, we designed our production facility with this understanding and today we have become a company that handles all operations within its own structure, and can complete its production processes with only raw material inputs without any semi-finished product input. Moreover, we do not only design our own machines with our own engineers and carry out R&D studies intensively. Our R&D studies add strength to our strength in a world where competition is increasing day by day, and it plays a key role in our efficiency targets.

Today, we have a wide range that can appeal to every sector and every segment, from cosmetics to food supplements, luxury presentation boxes, olive oil, wine / whiskey boxes, gift boxes to chocolate boxes. Moreover, we not only produce nearly 100% recyclable packaging, but also procure most of the raw material input from recycled paper! We take pride in being one of the most fundamental elements of this recycling adventure.

We continue to produce packages that define a unique brand, together with our increasing number of customers and their creative teams, not only domestically but also abroad.

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Artaş Ambalaj coca cola
Artaş Ambalaj Arifoğlu
Artaş Ambalaj balog
Artaş Ambalaj bausch-lomb
Artaş Ambalaj bella maison
Artaş Ambalaj Bilge İlaç
Artaş Ambalaj Bodrum
Artaş Ambalaj bombay
Artaş Ambalaj crep
Artaş Ambalaj eco bath london
Artaş Ambalaj Eczacıbası
Artaş Ambalaj knorr
Artaş Ambalaj mey
Artaş Ambalaj pastel
Artaş Ambalaj pepsi
Artaş Ambalaj vakko
Artaş Ambalaj vodafone
Artaş Ambalaj club brugge
Artaş Ambalaj solen
Artaş Ambalaj nailbey
Artaş Ambalaj malatyapazarı
Artaş Ambalaj eroglu
Artaş Ambalaj fındıkcı murat
Artaş Ambalaj umay
Artaş Ambalaj hazer baba
Artaş Ambalaj johmson - johmson
Artaş Ambalaj kavlak
Artaş Ambalaj luxury eye
Artaş Ambalaj porsche
Artaş Ambalaj raks
Artaş Ambalaj rebul
Artaş Ambalaj redbreast
Artaş Ambalaj ruffles
Artaş Ambalaj sarar
Artaş Ambalaj tayaş
Artaş Ambalaj turkcell