Artaş Ambalaj Custom Rigid Box

Custom Rigid Box

It's all about your imagination!

For example, you may want a rectangular, round or cloud-shaped box. Or you may want it to be with drawers, magnetic covers or even foldable. It can be made of suede fabric on the outside, with a sponge separator inside, and yet we can count hundreds of more alternatives. Our luxury custom gift boxes give you so many options that after a while you forget where you have started!

Start to Create Your Beautiful Packaging Today!

Generally, printing a pattern, logo and/or any design on paper or similar materials and printing this printed paper; It is produced with the principle of coating on a durable, hard material (usually cardboard).

The main surface is usually cardboard, but other materials such as bristol and even mdf can be used. On the other hand, external surface applications offer more options which may get you confused. Almost all types of paper produced in the world can be used on the outer surface of the  luxury custom gift boxes. In addition, many types of fabrics such as skin cloths, leather and derivatives, suede, alcantra, linen and many other materials you can think of can be used for outer surface coating. Moreover, as Artas Packing, we offer you a wide range of printing techniques to apply all kinds of printing techniques on these coatings.

In our luxury custom gift boxes , the options are not limited to the main frame and the outer covering material. Box shapes and types, accessories such as ribbons / magnets / snaps, separators to be used inside boxes, sponges, special applications, special cut / shaped inner pools ... Our team is ready to define a unique brand with you.

Technicial Specifications
                                                                                        Our custom rigid boxes provide you a lot of options. For further detail, please contact us.