Artaş Ambalaj Paper Tubes

Paper Tubes

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Our cylinder boxes, which provide high strength with their circular structure, offer a much better user experience compared to conventional packaging types, as well as bringing environmental awareness to the fore with environmentally friendly components. The premium quality materials we use are meticulously combined in our automatic machines. Not only do we add value to your products, we also promise you an extraordinary customer satisfaction.

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Researches show that 87% of consumers prefer products with environmentally friendly packaging. As Paperboxlab, we not only produce cylinder boxes that are nearly 100% recyclable, but also procure most of the raw material input from recycled paper! Our cylinder boxes leave a privileged impression on your customers with their natural geometric form and extraordinary lid opening experience. Moreover, while doing all these, it brings the price/performance balance to a unique level.

Erasable boxes with a diameter starting from 32mm to 300mm, and a length starting from 50mm to 800mm are produced with the principle of plastering a printed paper on a cardboard tube.

One of the most important privileges Paperboxlab offers is that it gives you a real 3D preview experience before production. While defining a unique brand together with our customers and their creative teams, we present to you 3D box visuals that are produced with the most advanced technology and of an unmatched quality.

In addition to the production of cylinder boxes specially designed for your brand, we also offer Mailer Tubes and Diploma Tube options which are available in our stock.

Technicial Specifications
We produce tube boxes in accordance with needed body and lid options. Also a lot of kind of papers and printing options are applicable for outside customization. We invite you to contact us for further details.