Drawer Box
Drawer Box

Product Printing Features

  • Offers a straightforward, cost-effective, and stylish packaging experience.

  • Alternatively known as a matchbox, slipcase box, and book slipcase.

  • An appropriate packaging solution for a variety of products, including textiles, jewelry, high-quality books, and electronic devices.

  • Structurally, it comprises two components: the drawer and the cover.

  • Provides multiple choices of ribbon or thumb notch, ensuring an effortless unboxing experience for your customers.

  • Additional options encompass hot foil, Spot UV, a comprehensive range of lamination choices (such as matte or glossy cellophane, varnish, soft touch, non-scratch, etc.), embossing, debossing, and accessories like ribbons, tassels, PVC, or an extra sleeve to protect the main box.