Hybrid Paper Tubes
Hybrid Paper Tubes

Product Printing Features

  • The structure of this box is entirely customizable, giving you full control over its design.

  • Lid materials and neck details are tailored to your preferences, resulting in a unique and personalized packaging solution.

  • It empowers you to realize your dream packaging design, enabling you to present your luxury products precisely as envisioned to your customers.

  • By blending elements from various box types (such as a butt-jointed tube with a metal lid), you can offer your customers a completely distinctive box experience.

  • Hybrid tube boxes are the preferred choice for those looking to stand out by pairing their exceptional products with this unconventional packaging!

  • Additional options include hot foil, Spot UV, a comprehensive range of lamination choices (such as matte or glossy cellophane, varnish, soft touch, non-scratch, etc.), embossing, debossing, and accessories like ribbons, tassels, and PVC.