Pet Windowed
Pet Windowed

Product Printing Features

  • Referred to as the “shoulder tube box” as well.

  • Comprises three distinct components: the body, the lid, and the neck.

  • It can be manufactured from 100% recycled materials upon request.

  • In addition to various paper and printing customization options for the exterior, the interior can be lined with white, black, or craft paper, as well as polyethylene kraft and aluminum for packaging that is safe for food contact.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of products, including food, cosmetics, beverages, and beauty products.

  • Thanks to its shape, it offers a high level of protection for the products it contains.

  • Other available options include hot foil, spot UV, all lamination choices (such as matte/glossy cellophane, varnish, soft touch, non-scratch, etc.), embossing, debossing, and various accessories like ribbons, tassels, and PVC.