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We are the only manufacturer in Turkey and the largest in Europe that can produce Paper Tubes and Rigid Box together.

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We produce great packaging with sustainable technologies. High quality, affordable, fast and customized for you.

Artas Pack, based in Turkey, takes immense pride in our production of Tube Boxes and Luxury Custom Gift Boxes. Our Tube Boxes have been gaining a rapidly growing market share, and they stand out as leaders in the price-to-quality ratio due to their unmatched durability and ergonomic design. When it comes to creating impressive, exclusive, and nearly limitless design options, our luxury custom gift boxes offer a unique experience. Regardless of the industry or sector, we can provide a wide range of packaging solutions, all crafted using paper and/or cardboard materials. We are committed to contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future by distancing ourselves from plastic packaging.

In our 5,000 square meter production facility, with 3,000 square meters of covered space, we strive to improve our processes daily with the help of our experienced and dynamic team. Employing a “Vertical Integration” model, we firmly believe in the efficiency of end-to-end growth. Artaş Pack designed its production facility with this philosophy in mind, making us a company capable of handling all operations in-house. We complete our production processes using only raw materials, eliminating the need for semi-finished products. Furthermore, we take pride in our ability to design our own machinery, thanks to our dedicated team of engineers who are actively engaged in intensive R&D efforts. These R&D activities bolster our competitiveness in an ever-evolving market and are instrumental in achieving our efficiency targets.

Today, our extensive product range caters to various sectors and segments, including cosmetics, food supplements, luxury presentation boxes, olive oil, wine/whiskey packaging, gift boxes, and chocolate boxes. Notably, we prioritize producing packaging that is nearly 100% recyclable and source a significant portion of our raw materials from recycled paper. We are proud to be a fundamental part of the recycling journey, and we continue to collaborate with our expanding customer base and their creative teams to craft packages that define unique brands, not only domestically but also internationally.

Our commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated by our FSC®️ Chain of Custody certification. This management system encompasses all critical phases, from forest to consumer, including processing, conversion, manufacturing, and distribution. Artaş Pack holds the FSC®️ Certificate, signifying our dedication to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices. 

We are a certified FSC®️ company, bearing the license code: FSC-C184527.

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