Flat (Foldable) Box
Flat (Foldable) Box

Product Printing Features

  • Its flat form prior to assembly offers significant logistical and storage advantages, reducing associated costs.

  • Thanks to its pre-prepared high-quality materials and streamlined structure, it can be assembled in a matter of seconds.

  • A highly appealing packaging solution suitable for nearly every product across various industries, characterized by its sophistication and functionality.

  • Due to its design, this collapsible box consists of a single piece.

  • It presents a range of structural and assembly options, spanning from cost-efficient to luxurious and practical choices.

  • The folding components within the box’s interior are unfurled and adhered to attain their final shape.

  • Various customization options for the lid are available, including magnetic or ribbon closures.

  • Additional options encompass hot foil, Spot UV, a comprehensive range of lamination choices (such as matte or glossy cellophane, varnish, soft touch, non-scratch, etc.), embossing, debossing, and accessories like ribbons, tassels, PVC, or an extra sleeve to protect the main box.