Shoulder & Neck Box
Shoulder Neck Box

Product Printing Features

  • Distinguishing it from the standard two-piece box, an additional tray is affixed into the base, forming the neck, which can be either concealed or visible upon request.

  • The exposed section of the neck offers ample room for customization, allowing for a premium appearance for the box.

  • The neck component enhances lid closure, ensuring added protection for your products.

  • Particularly well-suited for many products, especially luxury items, as it lends an exceptionally attractive appearance.

  • Additional options include hot foil, Spot UV, a comprehensive range of lamination choices (such as matte or glossy cellophane, varnish, soft touch, non-scratch, etc.), embossing, debossing, and accessories like ribbons, tassels, PVC, or an extra sleeve to protect the main box.